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FAQ’s About Mass
Coming to a new place can be intimidating. You may not know anybody, where to go once you're here, or even how to get here in the first place. We want to make it a little easier to find your way around and get connected by answering some of the questions that you may have before you come.

I’m not Catholic. Can I still worship at St. Kieran?
Yes, All are welcome to worship with us at St. Kieran. If you decide you’d like to convert to the Catholic faith, our RCIA program will help guide you through the process.

What do I wear to church?
At St. Kieran, you will find a variety of dress styles. Jesus welcomed people from all walks of life and in all manner of dress and so do we! There are many people who dress up and there are many who dress more casually.

Am I expected to give money if I come to Mass?
No. There is no charge to attend worship. If you choose to place an offering in the collection, we thank you for your generosity.

Can I receive Holy Communion if I’m not Catholic?
Everyone is welcome to come forward for a blessing. Only those who are Catholic may receive Holy Communion. To receive a blessing, come forward to the priest with your hands crossed over your heart

Which Mass should I attend?
In addition to daily Mass during the weekdays, we have several options available on both Saturday and Sunday. Each of our weekend Masses has a unique character and speaks to people with varying taste in music, from very traditional to contemporary Christian.

Saturday 4:30 pm (Contemporary). Kidz Connection (Children’s Liturgy of the Word) is offered

Sunday 8:00 am (Traditional)

The 9:30 Liturgy (Traditional) Kidz Connection (Children’s Liturgy of the Word) is offered

Sunday 11:30 am (Family / Traditional) Kidz Connection (Children's Liturgy of the Word) is offered.

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