"The Silver Rose Program”


The Respect Life Ministry and Knights of Columbus of St Kieran Council #13983 will sponsor the Silver Rose Program from April 8th thru April 10th, 2021 at St. Kieran Church. Parishioners and community members are asked to gather to pray for Respect for Life, the spiritual renewal of nations and to promote the dignity of human life.

The pilgrimage of the Silver Rose begins each year in March in Canada and ends December 12th on the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, at the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Monterrey, Mexico. In the mid-1990s, the Supreme Council adopted it as an initiative.  The intent is to reaffirm the Knights of Columbus’ commitment to the sanctity of life and honor the Blessed Virgin under her title of “Our Lady of Guadalupe, Patroness of the Americas”.


The rose was chosen to Commemorate Juan Diego and the “Miracle of the Roses”, an important part of the story of Our Lady of Guadalupe. St. Juan Diego's feast day is December 9. He is the first indigenous Saint of the Catholic Church.

There are Eight Silver Roses, including one blessed by Pope Francis, for individual routes, are stewarded by Knights of Columbus Councils, throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico and delivered on December 12th.   


Inquiry’s contact: Call John Dziwanowksi at 586-864-4111 or Email to: jdziw@comcast.net.  

Director of Life, St. Kieran Knights of Columbus Council # 13983


Dates, Timing and Activity at St. Kieran

Thursday April 8th, St. Francis Chapel:  9am - 7pm - reflection and prayer.

Thursday April 8th, Church Sanctuary: 7pm - 8 pm for a Prayer Service.

Friday April 9th, St. Francis Chapel: 9am to 5pm - reflection and prayer.

Saturday April 10th, St. Francis Chapel: 9am - 4:30pm & 5:30pm - 7pm - reflection and prayer.


Knights of Columbus

Council #13983


01/01/21 HAPPY NEW YEAR. Be sure to attend Mass as scheduled!!

  • 01/03/21 On Line FAMILY ROSARY at 1:00pm as we continue toward our goal of 2000 Rosaries. EVERY SUNDAY at 1:00pm. Details for ZOOM sign on later in this Letter.

  • 01/07/21 Officer meeting at 7:00pm in Green Room

  • 01/12/21 Membership meeting at 7:00pm (ROSARY at 6:15pm) “ON LINE”

  • 02/04/21 Officer Meeting at 7:00pm.”ON LINE” TBD

  • 02/09/21 Membership meeting at 7:00pm (ROSARY at 6:15pm) “ON LINE” TBD

  • 02/25/21 COUNCIL 15th ANNIVERSARY!!

  • 03/13/21 Blessed Fr. McGivney Feast day.

  • l



  • November; Al Jankowski who serves as an Usher, Inside Guard and chairman of JINGO for the past 7 years! It is

  • through his dedication that the funds raised from JINGO have allowed the Ushers and Knights to support those

  • who are in need. The results of his dedication has benefitted those in need with approximately $10,000.00 annual financial support. He did this while continuing his education, planning weddings for his family, changing careers and being Usher President. Thanks to both you and Rosie for you dedication and support to our Parish and Community!


  •  December: Tom Westerlund who is also an Usher and Council Treasurer. leads the Council in many behind the scene events. He has taken a special task outside of the Council helping young people learn how to make minor repairs

  • and tune ups to their vehicles. This is not a task he says, but a way to give back and help others learn some much

  • needed skills. He also developed cramping in the hands due to the writing of over 150 JINGO refund checks. Thank Tom for all that you do that is often unrecognized 

  • FAMILY of the MONTH;

  • Third Quarter; Ralph & Pam Engler and as GK Berg announced, “Nothing more needs to be said”. Both are active in Parish & Council activities with Pam in Son Shine Sister, who send greeting cards to Parish members in need of a cheer up, assisted with church decorations and helps with MCREST laundry. Ralph was a Columbian Squire for 4 years while at St. Lawrence High School and has been a Knight for 39 years serving in many capacities. He is a Lector, EM, Past Parish Council member, Security team member, and assists with Parish financials. They were married at St. Kieran in 1966 in what is now the Parish Education wing, the original Church.


  • Fourth Quarter; Darrell Pawlowski and family. Darrell, one of the Charter members of the Council, his wife Sally and daughter Linda have been mainstays of the Parish for more than 30 years. There is never enough that can be said about their recognition as Family of the Month. Linda is involved in many activities that centers around religious education activities and along with Sally, both have been great help with MCREST, Parish picnic and Council sponsored events. Sally is extremely active in her Church and supports all of their activities. Darrell is well detailed in the Eulogy, listed below in this issue, written by Brother Joe Vogel and read at his funeral. May he Rest in Peace!

Dear Brothers, Officers, Families, Parishioners, and all others who find their way to this article;


From The Grand Knight;


Dear Brother Knights, Family, Friends and Parish members, as we say farewell to 2020, most of us will say good riddance.  It surely has been a challenging year to say the least.  Even though, the Knights of Columbus of Council 13983 still managed to rise to the challenge and found ways to support the parish and the community for which we live.  We also came together to support our fellow brothers and their families in times of loss. 

Just a few things that the Knights supported this year include Coats for Kids, financial support for Seminarians, Special Olympics, Parish Picnic, Catholic Citizenship Essay Contest, St. Al’s Homeless shelter, multiple Right to Life organizations, and the KC Bear program. Again, this is just a sampling. In addition to financial support, we have provided physical and spiritual support to many suffering loses this year. 

The Knights are not immune from experiencing loses.  In the past few months, we lost two Brother Knights.  Brother John Jonas in October and Brother Darrell Pawlowski in December.  Both, who along with Brother John Churilla who passed in January, will be missed greatly as they provided leadership and devotion to the causes of the Knights of Columbus.

As a result of the continuing COVID crisis, we have been forced to cancel many of our traditional fund-raising events.  This includes our annual JINGO event, portions of our MI Drive (better known as our Tootsie Roll Drive), Mother’s Day and Father’s Day flower sales, and others.  Because of this, the Knights have dug deep into their own pockets to be able to support many of charities that rely upon us for support.

Starting back in March, the Knights, lead by Brothers Koscierzinski and Engler, began holding “on-line” Rosary readings every Sunday afternoon.  By the end of December, over 1,200 Rosaries had been completed.  As a result, a “Spiritual Bouquet” of 1000 Rosaries were offered to the wellbeing of the people of St. Kieran Parish.

2020 found us giving thanks and well wishes to Father Bondy and Monsignor Johnson for their service to our parish and community.  We now welcome Father Joe who has shown incredible support for the Knights.  Additionally, we would like to thank the entire staff of St. Kieran, who without their support, our mission would be impossible.

Our membership continues to grow, even during these trying times.  There has never been more need or a better time for the good Catholic Men of our community to join our team and belong to something bigger!  As the saying goes, YOU were born a MAN, YOU became a Knight!

Scheduled upcoming events are limited to just our normal Officer’s Meetings and Council Meetings.  Our January Officer’s meeting will be held via Zoom on Thursday, January 7th at 7:00 pm, and our Council Meeting will be held via Zoom on Tuesday, January 12th at 7:00 pm with Rosary at 6:15.

We continue to pray the Rosary every Sunday at 1:00 pm via Zoom.  You can email Brother Ron at drkosc47@hotmail.com to get more information or to volunteer to lead a decade.

I want to take this time to thank my fellow Knights for their continued hard work and dedication.  They are good men and an inspiration. I may be contacted at GK13983@gmail.com.


John A. Berg

Grand Knight