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The Catholic Services Appeal (CSA) is an annual Archdiocesan campaign that raises funds for over 170 ministries, programs, and services that benefit all people in southeast Michigan. Some of the programs that CSA dollars support are: Catholic Schools, Clergy & Priestly Vocations, Young Adults, Tribunal (Annulments) and Sacred Heart Major Seminary & Cathedral.

  • How do I know that the gifts are being used in the right way?

Every year, the Archdiocese is audited to ensure the proper administration of resources. In addition, all parishes/ministries in the Archdiocese publish detailed information about how they used their funds in the previous year. To learn more, please visit:

No CSA dollars have ever been — or ever will be — used to settle claims of any nature against the Archdiocese or to support projects outside the Archdiocese of Detroit, other than specific national collections of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. The archdiocesan lay Finance Council oversees the distribution of CSA funds to ensure that all reach the ministries, programs, and services for which they are intended. Moreover, the Archdiocese’s financial reports are audited annually by an independent auditing firm.  

  • How is our goal calculated? What happens if we exceed the target? What if we don’t meet the goal?

The annual goal for each parish is based on the average of its previous three-year offertory and Christmas collections and then a multiplier is applied. This year our multiplier is 14% and this year our 202parish goal is $178,339. Once we have reached our goal, all monies are returned 100% to the parish.  If we don’t reach the target, then we must pay the difference from our operating fund.

  • Why should I support the CSA? I’ve heard that the best way to support the parish is by a Christmas donation. Is that true?

The best way, hands down, to support the parish is by donating to the CSA. After our target is met, every cent of a CSA donation goes directly to the parish. See the graph below to compare how offertory, Christmas and CSA donations are distributed to the parish.


















So for every dollar received over the CSA target, the parish receives every penny of it.  For every dollar received at Christmas, the parish receives 86 cents and for each offertory dollar received, 79 cents is for parish use.  If you want to make a donation at year end that will directly benefit the parish, please consider making a donation to CSA instead. 

Questions? Please email Paula Klozik, Parish Business Manager at or call at 586.781.4901, ext. 113.

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